Sunday, April 20, 2014

Starting Construction of the Pivot Board

We decided to make the pivot board from two E90 Razar Electric Scooters and a plank of wood. We disassembled and cut down the scooter to get to the motorized drive train attached to the back wheel. Below is what the cut-up scooter looked like after the plastic cover and handler bars were removed as well as a closer look at the rear wheel drive train.

 By taking the scooter apart, we can use the battery, throttle button, and rear wheel drive train as part of our pivot board. Unfortunately, the motor controller that comes with the scooter only allows for single direction drive. Since we need both motors to have bi-directional drive so we will need to use different h-bridged for the pivot board.

The rear wheel assembly has very convenient has very convenient screws holes which we will use to mount each wheel assembly to the wooden plank. The wheels will be arranged as shown below.

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