Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Steering Control

Since steering is really difficult do by just waving your arms around, we developed a glove-based steering controller shown below.

The steering controller consists of two parts the glove itself and the yellow case which the user straps on. There are two pressure sensors, outlined in red thread, sown into the glove. The user can press the left pressure sensor to send a "turn left" signal to the board and the right sensor to "turn right." The harder the user presses on the pressure sensor the faster the board will turn in that direction. The leads of the pressure pads are wired to the mbed in the yellow casing. The mbed sends the pressure-based analog turning command to the mbed on the pivot board every few milliseconds via the red wireless module also housed in the yellow casing. There is also emergency brake switch on the right side of the yellow housing unit. If the switch is pressed, the mbed will signal the mbed on the board to immediately brake, freezing the motor.

Here is Justin testing out steering control :

You can also ride the pivot board segway style!