Sunday, April 20, 2014

Baby Board

Here is the completed working prototype of the pivot board, "baby board", will all of the on board electronics. The board consists of:

- Dual layer acyrilic frame separated by spacers and two acryilic wheels.
- Two 6V brushed DC motors
- MPU6050 IMU
- MBed
- Dual H-bridge IC
- 3.3V Regulator
- 6V Lithium Ion Battery
- MRF24J40 Microchip (Wireless Board)

Baby Board Electronic Set-Up:

Baby Board Set-Up:

A smaller motor is used as to balance the weight of the battery. 

To simulate a rider shifting their weight to increase or decrease the speed of he board, a servo motor with an extended wight attached to the motor blades is "mounted" to the top plane of the baby board.

Servo "Rider":

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